Social Media Agencies: Distinguish the Good from the Bad

With more competition, businesses should be diligent in selecting the right social media agency. There are several things that must be done to ensure that the right agency is selected.

As social media continues to prevail in our daily lives, more and more companies and individuals are claiming expertise in the field. While many are indeed experts, a slew of others merely know how to play the part and will fall flat when it comes to delivering actual results.

It is often difficult, and will usually take some time, to tell if an agency is right for your business. However, there are some quick and easy ways to determine if a social media agency can amount to its claims before signing it to work for your company. Continue reading Social Media Agencies: Distinguish the Good from the Bad

10 Stimulating Types of Social Media Content to Post for Your Business

Consumers today want to connect with your business. Sharing interesting, useful content will help you make that happen.

Sometimes, we all encounter the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK (yes, even us content marketers). It can strike when we least want it to. And in this day and age, businesses must consistently produce attention-grabbing, engagement-worthy content to be able to remain relevant in the eyes of their customers – and this notion can be a daunting prospect to say the very least. But fear not, friends!  This list of 10 types of content should get those creative juices flowing again! Continue reading 10 Stimulating Types of Social Media Content to Post for Your Business

Become the MacGyver of Mobile Advertising

Learn how to build mobile ad campaigns that will deliver results for your business or brand.

Like it or not, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. We’re lost without them, anxious when they’re not within reach and give them our absolute, undivided attention whenever we have a free moment. Likewise, successful marketers have caught on to these facts and recognize them as colossal, unprecedented opportunities. These marketers will adjust their digital marketing strategies to include mobile devices, if they haven’t done so already, and will deliver much value for their organizations and brands. However, the marketers that fail to make the necessary adjustments will have a tough time delivering quality results. As the English writer H.G. Wells said, “adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

Continue reading to learn how to build effective mobile advertising campaigns that take advantage of the reach, engagement and ROI availed by the little, smart devices that we are no longer able to function without. Continue reading Become the MacGyver of Mobile Advertising

Should Marketers Worry About Facebook’s Dislike Button?

Facebook revealed plans to release a "Dislike" button. Should social media marketers worry about this development?

Almost immediately after Facebook launched its Like button in February, 2009, its users began asking for an alternative option to express a broader range of emotion. Well, on Monday, September 14, 2015, Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that such an option was in the works and will soon be rolled out for testing by a limited number of users.

It’s ironic that users did not welcome this development with open arms after requesting it for nearly seven years. People took to social media to share opinions on how a “Dislike” button will contribute to more negativity online, promote cyber bullying and create an unwelcoming atmosphere for brands and businesses.   Continue reading Should Marketers Worry About Facebook’s Dislike Button?

Use Chemistry to Build an Awesome Social Media Strategy

To build an amazing social media strategy, marketers need to know the chemistry of why people use it.


Was there ever a time that a friend’s Facebook post made you feel happier, calmer or inspired? Conversely, has a tweet or Instagram update bring about feelings of anger, sadness or jealousy? Don’t worry if you answered yes to these questions, you’re not alone in having experienced this effect of social media.

For marketers, it is crucial to understand social media’s emotional impact. It is even more vital to incorporate this knowledge in building a content strategy since it will greatly improve the return of an organization’s social media marketing. Continue reading Use Chemistry to Build an Awesome Social Media Strategy

The Oldest Trick in Marketing

The oldest trick in marketing is improving as more cards are added to the deck.

When trying to make a sale, what is the first question marketers should ask?  Hint: It’s not a concept that developed recently as a result of ‘new media’ or digital marketing. It is a question that every successful marketer or advertiser has asked him/herself since the dawn of marketing. Knowing the answer to this question is the reason that Snake Oil peddlers were able to abundantly sell their wares…The reason infomercials are effective…Heck, it’s the reason Soap Operas exist!

What is this amazing question, you ask? Continue reading The Oldest Trick in Marketing

Top 10 Reasons for Marketing to Millennials

This infographic shows the top 10 reasons why every automotive dealership needs to market to Millennials.

Marketing to Millennials isn’t a new concept, and marketers have been preaching its importance for many years, especially with regards to eCommerce.

Millennials comprise an up-and-coming generation, and now they have the right jobs and necessary incomes to make advanced purchasing decisions, such as buying cars. They depend on digital devices to solve problems, purchase products and conduct research. For this reason alone, Millennials constitute an attractive demographic for companies and brands to target through digital marketing.

The automotive industry, as a whole, has recognized the need of marketing to Millennials, but some dealerships fail to see the importance.

The following infographic shows the top 10 reasons why every automotive dealership needs to start marketing to Millennials. Continue reading Top 10 Reasons for Marketing to Millennials

An Example of Social Media Excellence

An Example of Social Media Excellence

Imagine that you are a marketing executive for one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world with 150,000+ employees, an operating revenue north of $4 billion and sales that exceed 5 million vehicles in the past year. Obviously, you are in charge of a very popular brand and a lot is expected of you. So, how do you extend your success into the vast world of social media to authentically reinforce your brand’s identity and fulfill the lofty expectations of consumers, automotive enthusiasts and your brand’s other various stakeholders? Continue reading An Example of Social Media Excellence