Welcome to the Jungle Vol. 4 – Surviving the Digital Marketing Jungle

Entering The Jungle Article

My last three weeks have been pretty busy. Surviving the digital jungle can be difficult when you’re coming from another industry. Digital marketing is a fast-paced and ever-changing environment that demands a high level of motivation and drive, naturally pushing me to go farther, do better, and learn more. Posting for social accounts and optimizing PPC accounts, and studying for the Google and Bing certifications has kept my day-to-day plate quite full. Also, in this time, I have officially become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional!

There have been three main areas in which I have devoted greater amounts of time in order to get the very best results – social media posts and PPC campaign optimization.

Social Media Survival

In the Social Media posts I create, seeing engagement is the key to success, it definitely takes a well-honed strategy sprinkled with a dose of trial and error to really find the content that fans enjoy. In particular, I have had great success with a Maserati dealership.

It is incredible how brands differ from one another. Being familiar with your audience and its demographics help a great deal in delivering exciting and fresh content to the page on a daily basis. It is extremely rewarding to see a post rack up 40 or 50 Likes a day – some in the matter of just a few hours. For the Maserati dealership, people love seeing customized cars with aftermarket rims, color wraps, paint jobs, and engine/performance modifications. That’s my kind of user engagement!

PPC Campaign Optimization

Campaign optimization is another area that requires a great deal of attention and detail. With the seemingly daunting task of getting to know the Google AdWords and Bing Ads interfaces behind me, my full attention is now directed toward optimizing my assigned accounts. Here, a big thing is being able to foresee what kinds of searches people do and how they execute those searches.

Seasonality plays a major role in this. Keeping up with the most needed parts and services for the specific time of year is a great way to keep the business flowing into our dealerships’ doors and service bays. Ad testing is another crucial aspect of optimization. Running two similar, yet slightly different, ads at the same time in the same ad group allows us to fully understand the type of ad our audience is more likely to click on.

Surprisingly, there are times the success of the ad can come down to mere capitalization. Understanding how to use keywords and keyword match types, becoming familiar with budgets, working to achieve solid quality scores, and being extremely relevant with all ad copy and landing pages has helped me maintain and ultimately improve the success of these accounts.

As always, the SEO/SEM/Content Marketing team is here to look out for the best interests of our clients. It’s really great to be part of a team that works so hard to deliver optimal results on a consistent basis. Maintaining open lines of communication helps the information flow through the channel easier, ultimately helping us help you reach your goal.

Dan Brauer is a Search Marketing Associate at Dealer Product Services. Dan transitioned from the world of market research to automotive marketing in the beginning of 2014. Currently building his knowledge in the areas of PPC, SEM and Social Media, Dan is working diligently to immerse himself in all areas of digital marketing. His vast knowledge of cars assists him on a daily basis with his roles at DPS. Dan is a hardcore Nissan enthusiast, from the legendary Skyline/GT-R to the V8 Altima Supercars and everything in between. In his free time, you can find Dan supporting local performance shop Boostin Performance (home of the fastest 2nd gen AWD Eagle Talon in the world) at area drag strips, listening to hip-hop and R&B, playing basketball, reading import tuner magazines, traveling and enjoying time with friends.

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