Welcome to the Jungle – Volume 4 – “Grease Monkey Evolution”

Entering The Jungle ArticleIf someone was to ask me at the beginning of the year where I would be in six months, I wouldn’t have had an answer for them at that point. I simply didn’t know. Then in March, I found myself being offered an awesome position on the SEM/SEO/Social Team here at DPS. At that time, my knowledge was very basic. After the first couple of days in the department, I could see it was a very fast-paced, analytical and collaborative environment. I had a lot of learning to do in order to keep up with the team but I was, without a doubt, up for the challenge.

Fast forward to today, the opportunity to be involved in each area of the department has been quite rewarding and has been something that I enjoy each and every day. While it was difficult at first to grasp the multiple strategies and concepts of SEM and Social in particular, it has started to become second nature. Every day is different and being able to spread around to the different areas within the industry helps me maintain a high excitement level, day in and day out.

A few weeks back, I had the great opportunity of being a part of the workshops discussing all things digital for our National Sales Meeting. It was like a big test or final exam in college, and it afforded me the chance to see how far I have come in the five short months since I began here. The main topics I covered included the benefits of social media and SEO for an automotive dealership. Speaking to the group and hearing their questions and concerns from the field always helps me learn and do my job better.

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to manage several PPC campaigns, build SEM landing pages both off a template and by hard coding, manage a few social media accounts and handle all incoming SEM digital analysis requests, my knowledge base has increased an incredible amount in a short time. Continuing to build a solid foundation with the learnings of each day will allow me to assist our clients in reaching and exceeding their goals. The beauty of SEO and SEM is that it is always evolving. Every day is a new challenge with different obstacles to maneuver through which in turn makes for a fun and environment. No day is ever the same and I couldn’t be more thrilled to take part in this wild ride.

Dan Brauer is a Search Marketing Associate at Dealer Product Services. Dan transitioned from the world of market research to automotive marketing in the beginning of 2014. Currently building his knowledge in the areas of PPC, SEM and Social Media, Dan is working diligently to immerse himself in all areas of digital marketing. His vast knowledge of cars assists him on a daily basis with his roles at DPS. Dan is a hardcore Nissan enthusiast, from the legendary Skyline/GT-R to the V8 Altima Supercars and everything in between. In his free time, you can find Dan supporting local performance shop Boostin Performance (home of the fastest 2nd gen AWD Eagle Talon in the world) at area drag strips, listening to hip-hop and R&B, playing basketball, reading import tuner magazines, traveling and enjoying time with friends.

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