Digital Marketing Evolution: Ad Men to Math Men

Digital Marketing reshaped the advertising industry. In a video titled "Moving from Ad Men to Math Men," the dynamic history and evolution of the marketing industry is explained.

Digital marketing has not stopped evolving and changing since it became a necessary part of a business, sometimes determining if it becomes successful and profitable. This makes it extremely hard to keep up with when you are working in the industry, let alone starting from scratch and trying to learn about digital marketing. In a video titled “Moving from Ad Men to Math Men”, it shows the evolution of digital marketing and how the industry initially started by spending ad dollars blindly, guessing which medium performed the best and simply wasting budgets. Fast forward a few decades, the entire landscape of advertising is different and is still constantly changing.

This video does a fantastic job on walking through the last 50 to 60 years of advertising and highlighting the biggest changes. For example, advertisers are now able to target the exact type of consumer that searches for and uses a product or service that is being advertised. They are able to see what people are searching for and understand the trends for each industry. Google has been a huge factor in the ever-changing consumer purchasing funnel. It has revolutionized the way people search online, turning web surfers into web searchers. “Moving from Ad Men to Math Men” takes a deeper dive into how display marketing started and how it works today. In addition, it clarifies how integrating search, display and social media is necessary in order to compete within the digital world of today.

With that said, enjoy “Moving from Ad Men to Math Men” and let us know your thoughts, comments and/or questions in the comments section below.

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Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty is a SEM Account Executive at Dealer Product Services. Before working at DPS, Kyle was a Marketing Coordinator learning the in’s and out’s of multi-channel marketing. In his personal life, Kyle leads an active and healthy lifestyle, working out daily and eating healthy food. He also enjoys sports and attending live concerts. Da Bears!


Matthew Davis

Kyle – this is a great post, the video does an excellent job of helping understand an overview of digital marketing. I will share this with my clients.

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