‘Impressions’ on Adwords Desktop Editor 11

Adwords Desktop Editor 11

Google recently released AdWords Desktop Editor 11, the newest version of their desktop campaign editing interface.

For those unfamiliar with the Adwords desktop editor, it is a very useful free interface that allows adwords marketers to make bulk account changes, work offline and do just about everything you can do in the online adwords interface.  However, some tasks are easier to accomplish in the desktop editor than they are online. For example, I’ve always found the desktop editor is better for making any sort of batch changes, importing/exporting things from accounts or restructuring an account layout. Bing Ads also has a similar desktop editor.

So what does this new update mean?  Well, Google Adwords Editor 11 is probably the most drastic change to the desktop editor interface that I’ve seen in years. Adwords is constantly changing and adding new functionality, so it makes sense that Google would want to update their desktop editor to reflect their changing online interface.

All changes are not good changes

Unfortunately, the changes that were made to Adwords Editor from the 10.6 release to the 11.0 release weren’t all for the better. While 11.0 is lightning fast, it’s also more cluttered and confusing. Also, some processes such as adding multiple keywords or opening accounts in the interface now involve more steps than they used to. After spending a week with Adwords Editor 11, I decided to go back to using the 10.6 version because it’s able to do just about everything that you can do in 11.0, but with a much more streamlined interface.

Here’s to hoping Google will fix some of the problems with 11.0 with future updates. For now, I would recommend others follow my lead and use the 10.6 Adwords Editor interface that is still readily available.

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Josh Schafernak

Joshua Schafernak is a SEM/PPC Analyst at Dealer Product Services. Before working at DPS, Joshua spent several years as a SEM/Web Content Specialist. In his personal life, Joshua enjoys video games, science fiction/fantasy, graphic novels, comedy, music, weightlifting, creative writing and vegetarian cooking.


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