What’s Love Got To Do With Digital?

What's Love Got To Do With It- (2)Love influences everything and affects our decisions, including how we search online and what we purchase.  Recently, Google published an infographic exploring online moments of love and how digital marketers can learn from them and win them over.

The items explored in the infographic include the following:

  •  Celebrating Valentine’s Day
    • Consumers search and spend more and more online for that special someone for Valentine’s Day
  • Finding a Date
    • Online dating is the new norm, and it’s here to stay!
  • Going on a First Date
    • Consumers are searching for advice on what to wear, do, talk about, where to go and how to act
  • Kissing
    • More and more first-timers are asking the web questions they might be too shy to ask someone in-person
  • Falling in Love
    • Consumers are watching romantic music videos and looking for that romantic getaway as they fall hopelessly in love
  • Popping the Question
    • Before getting on one knee, consumers are on their smartphones and searching YouTube on how and where to propose, as well as what ring to buy
  • Tying the Knot
    • Wedding guests are shopping online for gifts while the bride and groom are searching for the perfect company to design and print their wedding invitations
  • Honeymooning
    • Couples browse online and search for that perfect, exotic location to celebrate their love

The key message of this infographic is that we, marketers, have to win the hearts of our core consumers. Through digital marketing, we need to put data-driven insights first, connect with audiences on multiple platforms and devices, and always be there for customers. If marketers do not adopt this philosophy, they will end up lonely and heartbroken.

Click Here to Download the Full Infographic

Tyler Rayome is the Director of the Digital Media Group at Dealer Product Services helping lead the charge for everything digital. In his previous life, Tyler worked the agency grind in downtown Chicago for national and local clients across many verticals. He was instrumental in bringing in digital offerings at a formally traditional agency, and helped grow the business tremendously in a short period of time. In Tyler’s free time, he enjoys playing music with his band, whether its gigging on the weekends at Chicago’s hot spots or recording in the studio.

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