Welcome to the Jungle: Getting the Most From a Digital Media Internship

Getting the Most From a Digital Media Internship

As a professional photographer and Graduate student of Communication, I was set on doing something where my applicable skills and theoretical prowess could be meaningfully utilized. Additionally, I wanted to continue my lifelong passion for traveling, studying and working abroad, which has allowed me to learn from a variety of multicultural perspectives. Ultimately, my heart was set on leaving my home outside of Berlin, Germany, in order to pursue my professional ambitions with a digital media internship in Chicago.

Getting here though was anything but monkey business, and I paid my dues to end up at Dealer Product Services. It took over a year of intense planning and rigorous preparation to receive the internship offer. But nothing worth having ever comes easily, now does it?

During the initial weeks after starting my digital media internship in Chicago, I got a broad overview of daily business in the digital media department. I learned the basics of SEM, SEO and Social Media. I also began learning about the auto industry in America… after all, DPS is an agency that serves the automotive vertical; this part was easy – being German, I’m pretty much born with a passion for high-end car brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz (and preferably with a manual transmission, I’m just saying...) However, grasping the many solutions offered at DPS was a whole different animal. Ultimately though, understanding every product, and how each one plays into DPS’s multi-channel approach, helped me appreciate the different demands of the agency, especially when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.

I have already gained a significantly deeper understanding of the digital marketing “jungle” after just three months of interning at DPS. One of my first daunting challenges was mastering the skills required for the Google AdWords Certification and Bing Ads Accreditation, but it turned out that I had nothing to fear! I just passed my AdWords exams (95% on both of them, oh yeah!) which boosted my confidence in my development and profound understanding of PPC and its unique concepts such as keyword match types, ad rankings, geographic targeting, ad groups, general campaign optimization, filtering, etc.

I look back on my first day at DPS, this past October, and it’s astonishing how differently I already view digital media. In the very beginning, the data and statistics that are involved in digital marketing were a matrix to me, but today I can proudly say that I am beginning to see the beauty behind all the numbers; it is fascinating to watch how the variables impact one another.

SEM is a constantly changing system of values in infinite circumstances … it seems like it’s simply impossible to ever get bored in this field. In a digitized world, it is no longer about where to find information, but finding the right information for the right audience. What I like most about working with the DPS team is that there are never two days that are exactly the same. Also, the organization feels like a family that is always happy to support each other.

Today, I can safely say that my decision to take a digital media internship in Chicago was definitely the correct one. I am proud to be a digital grease monkey in the USA!

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Anke is a Digital Media Intern at Dealer Product Services and is originally from Berlin, Germany. Before working at DPS, Anke interned for the Corporate Communication Department at Lufthansa and did social media project management for Oracle. Before starting her Master’s Degree in Media Sciences, Anke worked as a professional photographer.

During her leisure time, Anke enjoys outdoor activities (biking, skating, skiing), sports (basketball, European handball), photography and graphic design, music and global travel – she plans on adding Bahamas, Australia and Asia to her long list of visited destinations. So far, Anke has lived, studied and/or worked in three different countries.

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