10 Tips for Learning PPC

10 Tips for Learning PPC

To date, one of my biggest rewards as a Digital Grease Monkey at Dealer Product Services has been gaining an understanding of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. If you’re like me and enjoy dealing with numbers and statistics, you will love learning this digital marketing practice. Follow these 10 tips for learning PPC, even if you’re not too thrilled about working with numerical facts and figures.

  1. Have patience and learn one step at a time:

Whether you’re testing ads for different campaign types, reviewing analytics, building/copying campaigns or creating tracking identifications, remain patient and focus on learning PPC one aspect at a time. If you don’t understand something right away, it’s completely fine. Just do more research, ask questions and stick with it. Eventually, you will understand how the many moving parts work together.

  1. Learn the vocabulary:

CTR, CPC, leads, clicks, visits, acquisition types (paid, organic, referral, direct), unique and total events, conversions, activity rate and tracking codes; all of these terms, among many others, will become a big part of your daily vocab. Not only will you have to learn what they mean in order to understand what everyone is talking about, but you will also have to comprehend how each term influences the others and can impact your overall campaign, or even the account.

  1. Know your market and the competition:

Learn how you differentiate from the competition. Discover who else is working in your vertical and understand how you can offer a better service. In the case of DPS, an agency serving the automotive industry, we take pride in doing more for our automotive dealership clients and make it a cornerstone of the company culture. Knowing how we go above and beyond the competition maintains agency-wide focus on quality, performance and client services.

  1. Put yourself in the client´s shoes:

Make sure that you are satisfied with your work. Go the extra mile for yourself and your clients. If you are proud of what you produce, your customers are more likely to be satisfied and happy with the services they receive.

  1. Get certified:

Use the Google Partners and Bing Ads Accredited Professional programs to learn, test your skills and receive certifications for both platforms. These are both free, online curricula that allow you to understand and test search marketing theories before using them in real-life.

  1. Know your tools & don’t be afraid to test them:

AdWords and Bing offer many tools to help optimize your campaigns. Learn what each one does and experiment with their different functions. The Google Adwords Desktop Editor will immediately become your new best friend…use it, learn it, love it!

  1. Start small:

Once you got all the basics down, start managing a few accounts in the beginning. Do everything related to those accounts. Gradually, you will begin to improve your strategy by critically analyzing keyword bid changes, tracking budgets, spotting trends in reporting, optimizing keywords and the like.

  1. Stay organized:

When you manage many accounts, it can be easy to lose track of the goals you set for each one. Implement a concise system of organization to attain correct benchmarks for every one of your accounts.

  1. Pay attention to detail:

To excel in PPC, you will need to become great at juggling a lot of timely information.  Ad copy, monthly and special offers, ad images and many other variables must be continuously updated. If you pay close attention to every fine detail, then the work you produce for your clients will be of much higher value, regardless of whether you manage one or a myriad of accounts. However, even if you have impeccable focus, establishing a quality control (QC) process is not an option; it’s an absolute must to ensure any degree of success.

  1. Stay ahead of the curve:

By keeping up with PPC news, following blogs, conducting extensive research and continuing to learn on a daily basis, you will ensure that your knowledge of PPC is never lagging.. In turn, you will ascertain your place at the top of the digital marketing jungle.

If you have any questions, or would like to share some of your own tips for learning PPC, please leave them in the comments section below.

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Anke is a Digital Media Intern at Dealer Product Services and is originally from Berlin, Germany. Before working at DPS, Anke interned for the Corporate Communication Department at Lufthansa and did social media project management for Oracle. Before starting her Master’s Degree in Media Sciences, Anke worked as a professional photographer.

During her leisure time, Anke enjoys outdoor activities (biking, skating, skiing), sports (basketball, European handball), photography and graphic design, music and global travel – she plans on adding Bahamas, Australia and Asia to her long list of visited destinations. So far, Anke has lived, studied and/or worked in three different countries.

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