8 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

6 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

Marketing as we once knew it, the marketing that most professionals today studied in college, underwent a transformation. Outbound marketing, once king of the industry, lost its effectiveness left the door open for innovation which came in the form of inbound marketing.

But what is the inbound marketing? Here are eight facts you must know:

Inbound marketing is rooted in creating and sharing content, or information, with the intent of promoting an organization by providing consumers with knowledge, entertainment or valuable insights. Rather than casting a wide net in a pool of consumers that may or may not have any interest in their company, product or service, inbound marketers lure consumers in with valuable information that appeals to their interests. In other words, inbound marketing is a highly targeted, efficient approach to attracting potential customers.

The Power of Inbound Marketing: 

The Power of Inbound MarketingKeeping this data in mind, it’s most important to remember that reaching the right people, those who appreciate and share your products, services, corporate philosophy and the like, is more valuable than being seen by a lot random people. By reaching the individuals who are actively seeking information about your industry, similar products and/or services, you greatly increase the potential of turning them into loyal customers. Remember, it is not about quantity, but all about quality.

Tools to Attract – Blogging, SEO, Catching Pages and Social Publishing:

Inbound Marketing Changes Perceptions

The power of inbound marketing is at your fingertips, now all you need is to give customers something interesting, valuable and useful in order to grab their attention and turn it into leads. For that, what you will need, first and foremost, is their contact information. However, consumers understand that this is valuable information and many people are becoming more and more selective about when, and with whom, they share their valuable info. The value that an organization provides in return for personal info will need to be substantial. Again, think about relevant content and offering tools, resources and knowledge that will be appreciated by your target consumers. eBooks, whitepapers, research, images, offers, exclusive deals are just some ideas to consider that will entice customers to share their precious contact information and become a part of your database.

Tools to Convert – Forms, Calls-to-Action, Quality and Clear Landing Pages:

Inbound Marketing Leads

Now that you have enticed your audience with valuable content, it is important to get any necessary information from them to turn your readers into quality leads and later turn these leads into loyal customers! Ensure that you enact a clear call-to-action on what it is that you want them to do or share. Have a simple, concise form for them to fill out or a clear landing page that they can visit to learn more.

Tools for Closing – CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

Inbound Marketing Connections

In other words, delight your customers. Now that you have their attention and information, bear in mind that you must not forget about them; customers expect you to continue cultivating and building the relationship. Continue regular contact with customers through new information, resources, facts and offers that appeal to their interests and values. Make them feel like they’re a part of your business by asking for their opinions or input through surveys, social monitoring and the like.

Does your company or organization have an inbound marketing strategy? Share your questions and tips in the comments section below.

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