What Are Google’s Plans for Mobile Search Ads?

"Buy Now" Button is Coming to Google's Mobile Ads

Having recently attended one of the largest digital marketing conferences, SMX Advanced, I was fortunate to learn how Google is planning to improve it’s mobile search ads in the coming months. Continue reading to discover what the search giant has in store.

A hot topic for quite some time within the digital marketing community, mobile search continues to increase in importance as it recently surpassed desktop computers in search traffic volume. One person that knows this fact quite well is the Vice President of Product Management for Google AdWords, Jerry Dischler, who recently spoke to a crowd of digital marketers at SMX Advanced in Seattle.

It is blatantly obvious to understand how vital it is for Google to improve its mobile search ads for both advertisers and users. Consumers behave differently when searching via mobile devices than on desktop or personal computers, and they require that the overall experience of mobile search ads is streamlined and simplified.

Relating to this point during his presentation at SMX, Dischler revealed that Google will be adding a new feature to assist consumers in navigating through a purchase while also aiding advertisers in driving mobile conversions and sales. He explained that a buy button will be arriving to Google’s mobile search ads in the near future, enabling users to make a purchase directly from within the ad.

With the addition of this button, Google believes it will improve the speed, efficiency and overall experience of shopping and advertising via mobile devices.

“The buy button is really about mobile and driving mobile transactions. In retail, mobile conversion rates are a little lower – keyboard input is difficult, sessions are shorter, you don’t always have payment credentials available,” Dischler said, quickly adding that this new feature should not be misinterpreted as Google’s intent to become a retailer.

The exact time frame for when Google plans to roll out this new feature is still unknown, but Dischler did suggest that the buy now button would likely be available for Android mobile devices first.

How do you think this will affect advertising via Google AdWords mobile search ads and what industries will gain the most from this new feature? Let us know your comments and questions within the comments section below.

Josh Schafernak

Joshua Schafernak is a SEM/PPC Analyst at Dealer Product Services. Before working at DPS, Joshua spent several years as a SEM/Web Content Specialist. In his personal life, Joshua enjoys video games, science fiction/fantasy, graphic novels, comedy, music, weightlifting, creative writing and vegetarian cooking.


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