Andrea arrived from Spain in January 2015 for a Digital Marketing Internship at Dealer Product Services. Previously, Andrea worked as a journalist for two newspapers in Spain and traveled all over the world during her employment as a flight attendant for an international Spanish airline. Andrea's passions include marketing and writing. She also loves travelling, exploring various cultures, meeting new people and reading, especially if it's out in the sun.

Become the MacGyver of Mobile Advertising

Learn how to build mobile ad campaigns that will deliver results for your business or brand.

Like it or not, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. We’re lost without them, anxious when they’re not within reach and give them our absolute, undivided attention whenever we have a free moment. Likewise, successful marketers have caught on to these facts and recognize them as colossal, unprecedented opportunities. These marketers will adjust their digital marketing strategies to include mobile devices, if they haven’t done so already, and will deliver much value for their organizations and brands. However, the marketers that fail to make the necessary adjustments will have a tough time delivering quality results. As the English writer H.G. Wells said, “adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

Continue reading to learn how to build effective mobile advertising campaigns that take advantage of the reach, engagement and ROI availed by the little, smart devices that we are no longer able to function without. Continue reading Become the MacGyver of Mobile Advertising

The Oldest Trick in Marketing

The oldest trick in marketing is improving as more cards are added to the deck.

When trying to make a sale, what is the first question marketers should ask?  Hint: It’s not a concept that developed recently as a result of ‘new media’ or digital marketing. It is a question that every successful marketer or advertiser has asked him/herself since the dawn of marketing. Knowing the answer to this question is the reason that Snake Oil peddlers were able to abundantly sell their wares…The reason infomercials are effective…Heck, it’s the reason Soap Operas exist!

What is this amazing question, you ask? Continue reading The Oldest Trick in Marketing

Top 10 Reasons for Marketing to Millennials

This infographic shows the top 10 reasons why every automotive dealership needs to market to Millennials.

Marketing to Millennials isn’t a new concept, and marketers have been preaching its importance for many years, especially with regards to eCommerce.

Millennials comprise an up-and-coming generation, and now they have the right jobs and necessary incomes to make advanced purchasing decisions, such as buying cars. They depend on digital devices to solve problems, purchase products and conduct research. For this reason alone, Millennials constitute an attractive demographic for companies and brands to target through digital marketing.

The automotive industry, as a whole, has recognized the need of marketing to Millennials, but some dealerships fail to see the importance.

The following infographic shows the top 10 reasons why every automotive dealership needs to start marketing to Millennials. Continue reading Top 10 Reasons for Marketing to Millennials

Choose the Right Social Media for Your Business

Choose the Right Social Media for Your Business

Social media’s expanding prevalence in the daily lives of consumers, its rapid growth and competition, make it difficult for companies to decide on which social networks to include in their marketing efforts. Although this selection greatly depends on many factors, the following summaries of today’s most popular social media networks will help begin the process. Continue reading Choose the Right Social Media for Your Business

8 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

6 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

Marketing as we once knew it, the marketing that most professionals today studied in college, underwent a transformation. Outbound marketing, once king of the industry, lost its effectiveness left the door open for innovation which came in the form of inbound marketing.

But what is the inbound marketing? Here are eight facts you must know: Continue reading 8 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

The First Step to Mastering Digital Marketing

The First Step to Mastering Digital Marketing

I studied Communication and majored in Journalism during my fourth year in college, so I thought I was well-prepared for when I decided to leave my home in Spain for a different country in which I could gain experience in digital marketing. However, upon my arrival, it felt that I had landed in the middle of a jungle with many unfamiliar digital marketing terms, abbreviations, formulas, etc. coming at me like a swarm of exotic insects. It didn’t take long for me to find out that the first step to mastering digital marketing is to learn its language. Continue reading The First Step to Mastering Digital Marketing

How is Digital Marketing Strategy Similar to a Sports Car?

Digital marketing strategy is a lot like a sports car. If one component isn't performing, the entire system will be less efficient.

Let’s think of digital marketing strategy as the engine of a sports car. There are many moving parts that must work together in order to power the vehicle. If one component becomes damaged, or is not functioning as well as the others, performance of the entire car will be degraded and the engine may even cease up altogether. Continue reading How is Digital Marketing Strategy Similar to a Sports Car?

Can Billboards Help Explain Display Advertising?


A while back, we wrote an in-depth article about the modern display advertising landscape and the basic display campaign targeting capabilities. I think it’s essential reading for anyone trying to understand modern display advertising.

Once you understand display banner ads, what is the best way for salespeople to present display to potential clients who are uninformed, even misinformed, about display marketing? One of the simplest ways is the digital billboard analogy.

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