Josh Henson is a Search Marketing Associate in the Digital Media Group at Dealer Product Services. He first realized a passion for digital marketing while attending the Northern Illinois University School of Business. He spent his early years after graduation exploring Retail Management and Sales until he came to DPS in December 2014. In his free time, Josh loves to play golf, swim and produce electronic music. He also enjoys discovering new music genres, researching new technologies, reading up on the latest consumer electronics and spending time with family and friends.

Top 10 Reasons for Marketing to Millennials

This infographic shows the top 10 reasons why every automotive dealership needs to market to Millennials.

Marketing to Millennials isn’t a new concept, and marketers have been preaching its importance for many years, especially with regards to eCommerce.

Millennials comprise an up-and-coming generation, and now they have the right jobs and necessary incomes to make advanced purchasing decisions, such as buying cars. They depend on digital devices to solve problems, purchase products and conduct research. For this reason alone, Millennials constitute an attractive demographic for companies and brands to target through digital marketing.

The automotive industry, as a whole, has recognized the need of marketing to Millennials, but some dealerships fail to see the importance.

The following infographic shows the top 10 reasons why every automotive dealership needs to start marketing to Millennials. Continue reading Top 10 Reasons for Marketing to Millennials

Don’t Wait for Leads. Get Them with Online Monitoring!

Don't wait for leads to arrive. Go out and get them!
Waiting for leads is far worse than waiting at the airport!

The marketing strategies of yesteryear required a lot of waiting and patience. Businesses pushed their universal messages to an obscenely broad audience in hopes of reaching any potentially interested consumers. This is no longer the case as today’s consumers demand relevant conversations with brands and businesses. While some marketers still yearn for the days of shouting impersonal messages at vague populations, others no longer wait for leads; they go out and get them.

A simple Twitter search for a business will reveal current, potential and former customers sharing experiences, questions and opinions about the company and its products/services. Broadening your search to industry-relevant keywords, filtered for the business’ location, will reveal a much longer list of conversations. These dialogues are all potential customers’ thoughts and feelings of the business!

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

"I see in your future, much mobile optimization."
“I see in your future, much mobile optimization.”

Philosopher Socrates once said, “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” As marketers working in the digital realm, the only thing we seem to know for sure is the unknown. The landscape changes at the drop of a hat…constantly. Yet, studies have proved that early adopters of new technology and trends are the ones who reap the most of their benefits. So staying ahead of the curve does pay off, no matter how relentless said process may be. We’re coming up on another new year, which is the perfect time to start a discussion about what the future of highly successful digital marketing might look like! Every “expert” has his or her own opinion on the subject, so we’ve outlined the digital marketing trends for 2015 that are agreed upon (for the most part) by the movers and shakers in the field. Continue reading Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Digital Marketing Evolution: Ad Men to Math Men

Digital Marketing reshaped the advertising industry. In a video titled "Moving from Ad Men to Math Men," the dynamic history and evolution of the marketing industry is explained.

Digital marketing has not stopped evolving and changing since it became a necessary part of a business, sometimes determining if it becomes successful and profitable. This makes it extremely hard to keep up with when you are working in the industry, let alone starting from scratch and trying to learn about digital marketing. In a video titled “Moving from Ad Men to Math Men”, it shows the evolution of digital marketing and how the industry initially started by spending ad dollars blindly, guessing which medium performed the best and simply wasting budgets. Fast forward a few decades, the entire landscape of advertising is different and is still constantly changing.

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Do you suffer from Third Party Lead Dependency?

Guest Authors: Sean WelshJeff Hill of Car Biz Done Better

Auto Dealership Lead Generation


A specter is haunting your dealerships! It’s the specter of Third Party Lead Dependency (TPLD) which occurs when greater than 50% of your budget is dedicated to buying third party leads.

Why would this be a problem you ask? Isn’t it a perfectly reasonable strategy to ensure a consistent number of monthly leads for your Business Development Center (BDC)?  While “yes” may seem like the correct answer, in most cases it is typically the opposite.

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Developing a Social Media Strategy for Car Dealerships


In 2014, it is estimated that 68% of internet users will engage and consume all types of Social Media (eMarketer). That means that almost 70% of all consumers on the internet will be posting, blogging, liking, tweeting, retweeting, sharing, reviewing, etc. regarding everything from viral videos/content to brands/products. So what does this mean for car dealerships? Well Mr. Dealer, Social Media is here to stay and the need for embracing it couldn’t be more evident.

Developing a sound strategy for a car dealership can be tricky. I’ve heard it time and time again from Dealer Principles, GM’s, GSM’s, Service Directors, etc. that the biggest problem they have is combating negative posts or reviews, creating engagement, or driving new consumers to their pages. All of these issues can be combated with having a fine-tuned social strategy, customized around the core marketing objectives at hand.
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Embrace the negative


How Negative Keyword Lists and Matchtypes can make your PPC life easier

Avoiding wasted impressions and clicks is an important part of PPC strategy. Irrelevant traffic can drain your PPC budget and increase bounce rates while decreasing CTRs. Creating a robust negative keyword list for campaigns (or even adgroups) aids paid search advertisers in their struggle to avoid the dreaded irrelevant traffic. Adding negative keywords to your campaigns allows you to use phrase, broad and modified broad match keywords more liberally while avoiding a lot of irrelevant traffic.

When first creating a PPC campaign, it can be difficult to come up with a truly exhaustive list of negative keywords to add. There are negative keyword tools around the web that can help you gauge what types of searches a keyword might trigger. Once your campaign starts getting some traffic, it’s a great idea to check your search terms report to see what queries are leading to clicks on your ads.
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