Shelley Graff is a Content Marketing Specialist for Affinitiv (formerly Dealer Product Services). Following completion of her Master’s in Communication, Shelley discovered a passion in designing quality, original creations for the digital realm. In her personal life, Shelley’s interests include indie music, muscle cars, the animal kingdom, photography, philosophy and foreign horror movies. Her hero is Mark Twain.

10 Stimulating Types of Social Media Content to Post for Your Business

Consumers today want to connect with your business. Sharing interesting, useful content will help you make that happen.

Sometimes, we all encounter the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK (yes, even us content marketers). It can strike when we least want it to. And in this day and age, businesses must consistently produce attention-grabbing, engagement-worthy content to be able to remain relevant in the eyes of their customers – and this notion can be a daunting prospect to say the very least. But fear not, friends!  This list of 10 types of content should get those creative juices flowing again! Continue reading 10 Stimulating Types of Social Media Content to Post for Your Business

8 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

6 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

Marketing as we once knew it, the marketing that most professionals today studied in college, underwent a transformation. Outbound marketing, once king of the industry, lost its effectiveness left the door open for innovation which came in the form of inbound marketing.

But what is the inbound marketing? Here are eight facts you must know: Continue reading 8 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

Google Declares War on Link Building

Link Building Can Do More Harm Than Good

In the last few days, there’s been some earth-shaking developments in the SEO world. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, announced that link building, one of the cornerstones of a solid Search Engine Optimization campaign since the beginning of the field, can do more harm to your site’s health than good.

That’s like Ford suddenly declaring that your Mustang’s oil no longer needs changing because “it can do more harm than good to your car.” Continue reading Google Declares War on Link Building

Facebook has Been Busy. Here’s a Recap of New Features!

Facebook Breaking News

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Facebook with the social media network making big acquisitions, rolling out new features and enacting updates to its platform. There have also been rumors that Facebook is in the process of creating a new, stand-alone application.

To help you keep track of the varied developments, read our summary below of all Facebook changes and new functions.

Continue reading Facebook has Been Busy. Here’s a Recap of New Features!

The Social Jigsaw Puzzle

Social media is a vast, continuously expanding and dynamic landscape with new networks and applications launching, selling, merging, splitting, updating and transforming on a seemingly daily basis. For many of these hopeful properties and their respective founders, the dream of creating an established impact upon society is similar to the life of a shooting star; a quick flash before fading out into the abyss of a night sky. For the fortunate others, platforms that are able to differentiate and offer an innovative new concept that is capable of attracting a sustained following, the future is very bright and profitable.

Continue reading The Social Jigsaw Puzzle

Do You Speak Social Media?

Like all other industries, social media comes with its own set of acronyms, terms and formulas. If you are working in the field, or plan to work with someone who does, it’s important to have an understanding of the basic terms. Take this 10-question quiz to see how fluent you are in the language of social media. If you have questions or would like some clarification on any term, comment below or send us a message.

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Why Organic Reach on Facebook Feels More Like Organic Strain

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 4.12.30 PM

‘Organic’ things seem to be everywhere these days. Except, that is, when it comes to posts on Facebook. For a great deal of businesses out there attempting to bolster their brand via social media, it would appear that their organic posts have become just out of their fan base’s reach. So, why has Facebook made organic reach more like organic strain? Has it really just become all about making money for the good ol’ Book of Faces?

Facebook Responds…Well, Kind of…

In an attempt to answer such questions, the head of Facebook’s Ads Product Marketing team, Brian Boland, wrote an article titled: “Organic Reach on Facebook: Your Questions Answered.” In it, he provides two reasons as to why organic reach has been declining. Read between the lines and one can gather that in actuality what he is attempting to do is justify Facebook’s decision to limit organic reach. It is up to you to decide whether or not he accomplishes this.

Continue reading Why Organic Reach on Facebook Feels More Like Organic Strain

What’s the true ROI of Social Media?

Social Media ROI

Since the day social media gained traction as a business marketing tool, the question of its value, effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) has been a hot-topic discussion within boardrooms, at the watercooler, among internet forums, blogs, social networks, and at parks and beaches. Well, probably not parks and beaches, with the exception of a few passionate Grease Monkeys.

While many professionals were quick to comprehend that social media is a much different weapon within the marketing arsenal than conventional tools, others are still struggling with how to attach a true, reliable ROI to Social Media. The disbeliever’s unrelenting disavowal may be due to a variety of factors, but I dare to wager that nearly all fail to see the more obscure, underlying ROI of social media – the risk of ignoring, which I also like to refer to as “the loss from avoiding.”

Continue reading What’s the true ROI of Social Media?

Lessons from SMX Advanced Day Two

SMX Day 2

How natural speech tech and content can make or break you, and how to properly assign credit in automotive search engine marketing

While SMX Advanced Seattle Day One was filled with useful SEO, PPC and Social Media nuggets, the second day of the digital marketing conference had a bit of a slower pace, but still plenty of lessons for both the novice and veteran search engine marketer. The biggest takeaways were, again, that natural speech is coming and quality is better than quantity in content. While these two ideas were already set in stone prior to SMX, the conference further reinforced these ideals.

Continue reading Lessons from SMX Advanced Day Two