Mike Oskorep is the Director of Managed Digital Services at Dealer Product Services. He oversees the Managed Services team comprised of BMW & MINI eTraction, AutoConnect, MobileTouch, and eCSI programs at DPS. Mike has a diverse background that includes Information Technology, Data systems, Phone Systems, eMail Marketing, Warehouse Management, and even Law Enforcement. Continuously evolving his role at Dealer Product Services, Mike remains true to his favorite saying, “if you’re not changing, you’re dying.” In his free time Mike spends time with his wife, Betsy, and their two daughters, Emma and Lilly. You can also see him hitting bombs in the Midwest Suburban Men’s Baseball League; he is in his 13th season in the MSL, a Men’s Fastpitch Amateur Baseball league in the Greater Chicagoland area.

Email Etiquette: Do We Really Need to Reply All?

Reply All

The ever-so-popular Reply All button can be a powerful tool in the hands of any business professional. It can also turn your emails into “white noise” in the inboxes of your colleagues. Using Reply All at the right time can be very useful in keeping everyone informed on an important, relevant subject. However, at the wrong time, it can be rude to the original sender and the entire recipient list. So, when discussing email etiquette, we must ask the following question: do we really need to Reply All?

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