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Top 10 Reasons for Marketing to Millennials

This infographic shows the top 10 reasons why every automotive dealership needs to market to Millennials.

Marketing to Millennials isn’t a new concept, and marketers have been preaching its importance for many years, especially with regards to eCommerce.

Millennials comprise an up-and-coming generation, and now they have the right jobs and necessary incomes to make advanced purchasing decisions, such as buying cars. They depend on digital devices to solve problems, purchase products and conduct research. For this reason alone, Millennials constitute an attractive demographic for companies and brands to target through digital marketing.

The automotive industry, as a whole, has recognized the need of marketing to Millennials, but some dealerships fail to see the importance.

The following infographic shows the top 10 reasons why every automotive dealership needs to start marketing to Millennials. Continue reading Top 10 Reasons for Marketing to Millennials

8 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

6 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

Marketing as we once knew it, the marketing that most professionals today studied in college, underwent a transformation. Outbound marketing, once king of the industry, lost its effectiveness left the door open for innovation which came in the form of inbound marketing.

But what is the inbound marketing? Here are eight facts you must know: Continue reading 8 Inbound Marketing Facts You Must Know

The Road Map to Social Media Success

Social Media Road Map
Social media requires more than just a wish and a prayer. Those who think, or act, otherwise may get lucky for a certain amount of time, but eventually their good fortune will likely run out. When this inevitably occurs, social media becomes a liability, exposing the brand, personality or organization to an inconsistent image, negative sentiment, poor customer service and the like. In turn, this may decrease the organization’s sales, profitability, employee retention and morale, among other factors that could significantly degrade overall operations and the bottom line.

In order to avoid such malicious outcomes, social media should never be conducted on whim, without a plan, blindly, irresponsibly. A defined strategy must be in place with detailed knowledge of social networks, audience, goals and objectives. All social media managers must know where they are currently standing and must know exactly where they’re heading down the road. In other words, a social media road map is crucial to not get lost along the way, know exactly where you are and precisely get where you’re going.

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