Shelley Graff is a Content Marketing Specialist for Affinitiv (formerly Dealer Product Services). Following completion of her Master’s in Communication, Shelley discovered a passion in designing quality, original creations for the digital realm. In her personal life, Shelley’s interests include indie music, muscle cars, the animal kingdom, photography, philosophy and foreign horror movies. Her hero is Mark Twain.

What’s the true ROI of Social Media?

Social Media ROI

Since the day social media gained traction as a business marketing tool, the question of its value, effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) has been a hot-topic discussion within boardrooms, at the watercooler, among internet forums, blogs, social networks, and at parks and beaches. Well, probably not parks and beaches, with the exception of a few passionate Grease Monkeys.

While many professionals were quick to comprehend that social media is a much different weapon within the marketing arsenal than conventional tools, others are still struggling with how to attach a true, reliable ROI to Social Media. The disbeliever’s unrelenting disavowal may be due to a variety of factors, but I dare to wager that nearly all fail to see the more obscure, underlying ROI of social media – the risk of ignoring, which I also like to refer to as “the loss from avoiding.”

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