Erin Gleason is a Content Marketing Specialist for Dealer Product Services. Her day-to-day duties include handling social media pages for various car dealerships across the country in addition to designing graphic arts. Before her time at DPS, Erin spent a few years working as a Social Media Marketing Director and a videographer for a company in the north suburbs of Chicago. In her spare time, Erin enjoys the great outdoors, having adventures and spending her time with her close family and friends. Being an athlete her whole life, she is always cheering on her favorite teams. Go Blackhawks!

Use Chemistry to Build an Awesome Social Media Strategy

To build an amazing social media strategy, marketers need to know the chemistry of why people use it.


Was there ever a time that a friend’s Facebook post made you feel happier, calmer or inspired? Conversely, has a tweet or Instagram update bring about feelings of anger, sadness or jealousy? Don’t worry if you answered yes to these questions, you’re not alone in having experienced this effect of social media.

For marketers, it is crucial to understand social media’s emotional impact. It is even more vital to incorporate this knowledge in building a content strategy since it will greatly improve the return of an organization’s social media marketing. Continue reading Use Chemistry to Build an Awesome Social Media Strategy

An Example of Social Media Excellence

An Example of Social Media Excellence

Imagine that you are a marketing executive for one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world with 150,000+ employees, an operating revenue north of $4 billion and sales that exceed 5 million vehicles in the past year. Obviously, you are in charge of a very popular brand and a lot is expected of you. So, how do you extend your success into the vast world of social media to authentically reinforce your brand’s identity and fulfill the lofty expectations of consumers, automotive enthusiasts and your brand’s other various stakeholders? Continue reading An Example of Social Media Excellence

Don’t Wait for Leads. Get Them with Online Monitoring!

Don't wait for leads to arrive. Go out and get them!
Waiting for leads is far worse than waiting at the airport!

The marketing strategies of yesteryear required a lot of waiting and patience. Businesses pushed their universal messages to an obscenely broad audience in hopes of reaching any potentially interested consumers. This is no longer the case as today’s consumers demand relevant conversations with brands and businesses. While some marketers still yearn for the days of shouting impersonal messages at vague populations, others no longer wait for leads; they go out and get them.

A simple Twitter search for a business will reveal current, potential and former customers sharing experiences, questions and opinions about the company and its products/services. Broadening your search to industry-relevant keywords, filtered for the business’ location, will reveal a much longer list of conversations. These dialogues are all potential customers’ thoughts and feelings of the business!

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The Road Map to Social Media Success

Social Media Road Map
Social media requires more than just a wish and a prayer. Those who think, or act, otherwise may get lucky for a certain amount of time, but eventually their good fortune will likely run out. When this inevitably occurs, social media becomes a liability, exposing the brand, personality or organization to an inconsistent image, negative sentiment, poor customer service and the like. In turn, this may decrease the organization’s sales, profitability, employee retention and morale, among other factors that could significantly degrade overall operations and the bottom line.

In order to avoid such malicious outcomes, social media should never be conducted on whim, without a plan, blindly, irresponsibly. A defined strategy must be in place with detailed knowledge of social networks, audience, goals and objectives. All social media managers must know where they are currently standing and must know exactly where they’re heading down the road. In other words, a social media road map is crucial to not get lost along the way, know exactly where you are and precisely get where you’re going.

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Developing a Social Media Strategy for Car Dealerships


In 2014, it is estimated that 68% of internet users will engage and consume all types of Social Media (eMarketer). That means that almost 70% of all consumers on the internet will be posting, blogging, liking, tweeting, retweeting, sharing, reviewing, etc. regarding everything from viral videos/content to brands/products. So what does this mean for car dealerships? Well Mr. Dealer, Social Media is here to stay and the need for embracing it couldn’t be more evident.

Developing a sound strategy for a car dealership can be tricky. I’ve heard it time and time again from Dealer Principles, GM’s, GSM’s, Service Directors, etc. that the biggest problem they have is combating negative posts or reviews, creating engagement, or driving new consumers to their pages. All of these issues can be combated with having a fine-tuned social strategy, customized around the core marketing objectives at hand.
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