Anke is a Digital Media Intern at Dealer Product Services and is originally from Berlin, Germany. Before working at DPS, Anke interned for the Corporate Communication Department at Lufthansa and did social media project management for Oracle. Before starting her Master's Degree in Media Sciences, Anke worked as a professional photographer. During her leisure time, Anke enjoys outdoor activities (biking, skating, skiing), sports (basketball, European handball), photography and graphic design, music and global travel - she plans on adding Bahamas, Australia and Asia to her long list of visited destinations. So far, Anke has lived, studied and/or worked in three different countries.

Welcome to the Jungle: Getting the Most From a Digital Media Internship

Getting the Most From a Digital Media Internship

As a professional photographer and Graduate student of Communication, I was set on doing something where my applicable skills and theoretical prowess could be meaningfully utilized. Additionally, I wanted to continue my lifelong passion for traveling, studying and working abroad, which has allowed me to learn from a variety of multicultural perspectives. Ultimately, my heart was set on leaving my home outside of Berlin, Germany, in order to pursue my professional ambitions with a digital media internship in Chicago. Continue reading Welcome to the Jungle: Getting the Most From a Digital Media Internship

Welcome to the Jungle – Volume 4 – “Grease Monkey Evolution”

Entering The Jungle ArticleIf someone was to ask me at the beginning of the year where I would be in six months, I wouldn’t have had an answer for them at that point. I simply didn’t know. Then in March, I found myself being offered an awesome position on the SEM/SEO/Social Team here at DPS. At that time, my knowledge was very basic. After the first couple of days in the department, I could see it was a very fast-paced, analytical and collaborative environment. I had a lot of learning to do in order to keep up with the team but I was, without a doubt, up for the challenge.

Fast forward to today, the opportunity to be involved in each area of the department has been quite rewarding and has been something that I enjoy each and every day. While it was difficult at first to grasp the multiple strategies and concepts of SEM and Social in particular, it has started to become second nature. Every day is different and being able to spread around to the different areas within the industry helps me maintain a high excitement level, day in and day out.

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Welcome to the Jungle Vol. 4 – Surviving the Digital Marketing Jungle

Entering The Jungle Article

My last three weeks have been pretty busy. Surviving the digital jungle can be difficult when you’re coming from another industry. Digital marketing is a fast-paced and ever-changing environment that demands a high level of motivation and drive, naturally pushing me to go farther, do better, and learn more. Posting for social accounts and optimizing PPC accounts, and studying for the Google and Bing certifications has kept my day-to-day plate quite full. Also, in this time, I have officially become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional!

There have been three main areas in which I have devoted greater amounts of time in order to get the very best results – social media posts and PPC campaign optimization.

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Welcome to the Jungle – Volume 3 – Monkey Business 101

Shelley Graff Entering the Jungle

Shelley Graff joined our team with plenty of educational accolades, but a limited amount of real-world digital marketing experience. Follow her as she enters the Content Marketing arm of the Digital Marketing Jungle. This volume of the “Welcome to the Jungle” Series covers her journey from hardcore marketing student to hardcore digital marketer. – Ed.

I could not believe how lucky I was to be offered a job in digital marketing. As a student of journalism and communications, I was set on doing something where my skills would be utilized, while concurrently I would be able to further my knowledge within the field of marketing. It would appear that I have succeeded. Everyone here has been more than helpful, and I come in to work everyday feeling both challenged and supported by those around me.

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Welcome to the Jungle – Volume 2 – “Swinging Through the Vines”


It is hard to believe that almost two months have gone by since I started this new, but exciting, journey into the world of Search Engine Marketing. In the beginning, things seemed overwhelming. Continuous observation, insights, training, and the patience of the seasoned vets I call my colleagues, has helped me progress at a rather fast pace. Beginner’s anxiety has now faded away which has made taking deeper dives that much easier.

At first, I wasn’t particularly thrilled when I was told I would be the ‘Toyota Prius” of the department. Nothing against the Prius – it’s a great car for what it does – it’s just not quite my style. But what I was thrilled about was the fact that I would be a “hybrid” – able to work with, and contribute to SEO, Social Media and SEM teams. I knew I had a lot to learn and the most important thing was getting down to business right away.
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Welcome to the Jungle – Volume 1 – “Entering the Jungle”

Entering The Jungle Article

Dan Brauer came to DPS with plenty of enthusiasm about cars and limited experience with Search Engine Marketing. This ongoing story called “Welcome to the Jungle” will be a journal about his experience going from a normal man to a hardcore digital marketing pro. Welcome to the jungle, indeed. – Ed.

Joining the team at DPS has been nothing short of fantastic. From the moment I stepped through the door, I knew that I would be able to make an easy and efficient transition into an area of work with aspects relatively new to me. I sat down a few months back and told myself that I needed to find a career that allows me to work with cars in some capacity. Well, I’ve found it.

After five years with a well-respected market research company, I realized that  I needed something slightly more challenging. It was, however, an excellent experience to be able to work with, and learn from, clients who frequented the office to conduct research. They offered me a variety of professional skills I knew would benefit me in future endeavors. Patience, understanding, motivation, customer service, and analytic thinking have all allowed me join the team in a way that has made me beneficial for all my team members.
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